Saturday, October 27, 2012


With the availability of so many ready to run grain wagons now, how to weather them correctly for my time period is on my list of things to do. With the chance to see some of these wagons in the flesh at Gunnedah awaiting there turn to go through the Manildra plant there just recently,It makes me happy  I'm not modelling modern era with the state the wagons are in . Makes you wonder what  image the company is trying to present of its organisation to general public could be the old
 ( We Don't Give a Shit )

                                                                    MHGX 50 C

                                                                    MHGX 1 R

                                                                  MHGX 5 H

                                                                 MHGX 8 L


                                                               Some cleaner ones

                                                                  MHGX 115 W

                                                                  MHGX 80 D

                                                               MHGX 127 C

                                                      MHGX 63 Y

                                                                MHGX 116 X

                                                               MHGX 118 D

                                                                      MHGX 124 V

                                                                Back to the dirty ones

                                                                 NGKF 3584 J

                                                                 NGPF 35959 H

                                                                       NGPF 36030 Y

                                                 The Old Classic MANILDRA STARCHES
                                                                 NGDX 30768 V

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