Sunday, August 25, 2013


Usually i don't need any help to make myself look stupid, im very capable of doing that all by myself  
Well when i went to the convention i told everyone that Leopards never went on TE,s
Only BME,s or BEX,s
This is the picture to prove me wrong.
 In my defense at the time no one said i was wrong ,so everyone's just as much at fault as me.

So Mr SDS looks like your new wagon is available for some extra loads.
If any one can guess where the location is that would be good to.
The caption said Cripple Sidings Seymour (VIC) to Penrith 1.7.80
But it looks more like out west ?

I have been working on the post for the Centurion which is nearly finished .
But i couldn't wait for the Leopard one to show this picture to you.


  1. I wil have a crack at cobar, nsw. I used to drive trains out there and the station in relation to the yard looks about right perspective.

  2. I cannot comment on it being at Cobar as I have never been there however, I would dare to suggest that its could to be Ivanhoe, also of note id the carriage behind the van for the accompanying military personel. Being out of gauge the train is likely to be crossing another train & the tanks have been put away for it.

    1. Or they could be loading, unloading the tanks ?
      Which could have happened at Cobar ,as this was a popular exercise area .