Sunday, May 17, 2015



I thought i would share with you some staged shots of the new bits that have progressed a little more since last post.Although only in 2 D its the best i can do.
3 D would have been possible at the Thornleigh Exhibition this June but my offer to exhibit was unfortunately declined .
It was explained that although the layout was incomplete,it would be used as a shuttle service with suitable rail-motor traveling around the finished sections .
With the balance showing how to progress from steel and foam to finished product.
Or as a clinic called ,how to stop dreaming ,get off your ass and make a layout.
This obviously wasn't seen to be in the best interests of the hobby or the organizers.
But with  every bad situation there is always a positive and my positive is I will save myself a grand by not having to drag the new bits to Sydney and back.



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  2. Very nice work there Rohan. Love the dam wall.

  3. Rohan, if you were wearing 'that' hat then, no wonder you were rejected! Jokes aside, your latest update is a credit to you, in particular for me is the truss bridge with the weir at the backscene, just brilliant!

  4. Wow, good to see a spoiled shot of your new gutter installation was able to be used for other purposes Rohan.
    Must be a rash of new layouts in Sydney again.

  5. Wow - absolutely stunning, I hope you & your layout do make it down to Sydney, sooner rather than later, as this would be great to see in person.