Sunday, May 21, 2017


 Well Nicks been at it again.This time at Warialda Rail .With both still and action shots.
 With some stunners of the hard to get at bridge over Warialda Creek .The bridge is about 1 km to the west of the station. Visible are the concrete footings from the original bridge that was washed away.
This station was opened on 25-11-1901,situated 740 ks /460 miles from Sydney on the Moree to Inverell Branch. Elevation is 1,037 ft or 316 mtrs.The station was closed on 3-12-85.
This was obviously an important grain receival station in its hay (grain ) day.

The D150 Bulkhead which was added in 1966 for 15,000 tonnes of added storage .
Which is situated on the Western side of the station away from the main yard

          The Original S016 was added to in 1960 with 2 extra bins for 6,000 tonnes          
adding to the origonal 1,600 tonnes

You may have noticed that this silo has JAYE painted on the roof .Is this a cry for help,Or someone seeking attention.Not really the best place for either under the circumstances.

Sample Stand 

Weigh Bridge

An interesting  Shell Depot is still basically intact ,With a sliding door in the storage shed for
 loading from vans in the siding and a lean to on the western side of the open storage shed.

The station masters residence

Yard Crane

Station if you could call it that

                                                   The 2 versions of the fettlers  sheds

You may think Nicks cleaver flying around with his Drone.But spare a thought for me doing the hard yards,stomping around on the ground for the detail shots .In waist deep grass ,dodging rabbit holes and brown snakes.


  1. Rohan

    Very nice photos and some nice video work from Nick.

    I hope you didn't actually run into a brown snake or two.

    I had a brown snake six inches under my foot when walking along a eight inch wide sheep track in long grass, it was about two inches thick and I don't know how I managed to keep balanced and not tread on it while it slowly moved across the track. I was following my father-in-law and he must have disturbed it.

    See you at Epping.

    Ray P

  2. Great pics, including the old J2.

  3. Wow Rohan, they are some nice shots from the air that Nick took. I might have to look at saving up for a drone myself, instead of taking all my photos crouched in the long grass. I've never once stopped to consider snakes!