Sunday, April 10, 2011


Well I actually went up to the train shed today with all good intentions of painting some wagons
BUT  !  I got side tracked on a little project that's being one of my pet ambitions for a long time.And that is to be able to have a cab ride around my own layout.And hopefully it would look realistic from track level,which is one view that we never get
Having just returned from the big smoke (are trams fun or what )and purchasing a little camcorder invented for adventure sports. I set about building a wagon to hold it and be pushed ahead of the loco.

So without further ado presented in surround SMELL-A-VISION a cab ride around BOLIVIA travelling out of the fiddle yard on a down train through BOLIVIA and  terminating back in the fiddle yard.

I think it turned out alright apart from the window glare and low lighting.
Being one of those neanderthals that doesn't have DCC yet . It could use some sound effects.



  1. Rohan

    That was 'way cool' as the kids would say, I think?

    Seriously, nice, certainly a different view.

    Ray P

  2. Hi Rohan,
    That is so good, I'm very impressed at the clarity of the video as well as the quality of your track....not a lot of wobble or shudder there!!


  3. Hi Rohan,
    Wow fantastic. Layout looks great too. Passing all the signals and building from that angle makes it look very realistic. What sort of camera is it? Might even see one of our well wagons in the next video.



  4. Hi Rohan,
    That's great! Also a nice tour of your impressive train room! Inspiring...thanks!

  5. That was fabulous! Great work space too--watched it the first time for the layout, and second time to see the rest of the room.