Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well just to prove I have actually been doing something.Some shots of IDR Models kits that have just been finished.

I went a bit overboard with the weathering but by the time I realised it was to late.

These where very common on the run from Tenterfield and Wallangara abattoir and have been needed for a long time.

I have another wagon built which was going to have cattle containers on it but  after finding a picture of 2 x Fielders tank containers on a OSF I will go that way.

After getting the wagons finished which was a good break from the layout.
A much needed repair was made to the A Depot which had developed a nasty buckle in the styrene used for the concrete receival apron,and thus had distorted the styrene of the catwalk and awning support beams.
New styrene was cut for the concrete and a new catwalk,support section fabricated from brass.
Which will allow the depot to be stuck down in position.
I got all excited and started to build some sheds and out houses associated with silos to.Plus dug out some photos of sampling stands to chose from.

The receival area cleaned up

The new sections made up.

The sections in place with some RU'S. At Mount Russell there was the ability to transfer grain from incoming wagons via a grate in centre of the tracks to be delivered via an auger to the road receival grate.As shown

 The monster from the air with a 45 class for size


  1. All amazing stuff! Wish I'd bought some of the OSF's when originally offered! Missed out on that!

    I'm completely jealous of the A Silo! I'm going to have to build one for Narrabri here in the next year or two--what are the dimensions on that bad boy? How many silo tubes are there? Might I be able to come visit you next February and inspect it first-hand? Fabulous work!!

  2. Hi Blair
    There was an article in the AMRM on the construction with a plan in June 2002 No 234 .
    They are all different in size you realize .
    Mine is based on North Star and Mt Russell.

    Only 270 more sleeps till you get here !
    Hope your house trained ?

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