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`Having a 4 pack of the the Auscion CSX coil steel wagons I of coarse took them out of the pack and marveled at the detail, smooth running and just thought how lucky we are now to have such good wagons available.
The one thing that did worry me was how terrible they look being so clean and stark.

                                               Fresh from the pack an almost surgical appearance
                                Note how unweathered wagon refuses to sit correctly on my layout

Not ever seeing these wagons in real life I set about researching the prototype and over time came up with some general idea of how the wagon looked  in real life.

Unloaded wagons with rolled up tarp in coil well and removed coil restraint dropped into each well.It appears only one restraint was removed to unload the coils and the coil restraints where wooden.with steel ends

                                All Black and White images from the ROB OREGAN COLLECTION

 Note damaged tarp support this would have been a common problem and also common look for the wagon

                                                            The tarped wagon with one piece tarp.

The problem with the model is you must buy each pack to get each different version
And the tarps available look terrible.

 No 1 Tarped
 No 2  Empty
 No 3 No ends or tarp supports

But if you get the empty wagon pack with ends and tarp supports you can make the 3 differant versions above.
You can simply brake the ends and tarp supports off to make the No 3 version .

For the other 2 versions.I started by making the tarps. I used a section of cotton sheet "Ask your wife for some as cutting a piece out of the bed sheets will cause trouble".They notice stuff like that.
I made the piece 34' x 21'
 Shown is the piece ready for painting with TAMIYA FIELD GREY XF 65           And a rolled up one with a dot of superglue on the end to keep it rolled up.Both can be painted now and left to dry.

                                            A quick coat of FLOQUIL RUST on the wheel discs

Next remove all the pieces used to restrain the coils from the wagon .These will just pull off with no trouble

Next weather the wagon to suit your style.I used a light dry brushing with FLOQUIL GRIMY BLACK and RUST and paint all the timber supports in the wagon cradles and the coil restraints with RAILROAD TIE BROWN .If your doing the tarped version dont worry about the inside painting as you wont see it on the finished model

                                 The wagons weathered for the tarped and untarped versions

For the unloaded and untarped version.  Position your rolled up tarp and glue down and then glue each coil restraint into position.Its about this time I decided to deform some of the tarp supports with some heat from a lighter "You only need a little bit or you will end up with no support"


 For the tarped version position the painted tarp on a bead of superglue run along the edge of the wagon with equal amounts at both ends.

                                           When dry attach to sides of supports and end plate

                       Repeat for all sides untill you get back to the other side and glue along edge to finish

                                    The ends are folded in and glued in position with the sides first.


                                                                  And then the top

 I gave the finished tarp a coat of diluted Aquadere in water to try to depress it between the supports and weathered it at the same time with some weathering powders.


2 wagons being sent back for more loading

                                                       2 wagons loaded and on there way

Some other things to do would be the tie down ropes, Stenciling on the tarps, Different coloured patches on the tarps .The work turned the wagons into really good looking models and only took about 1 hour per wagon.Next to do is the No 3 version with and without coils .But I ran out of wagons.

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