Sunday, March 18, 2012


Well I have done version 3 , No end plates or tarp supports using the same methods outlined in my previous post.With the help of some photos from Mark Bau's website .Which shows a wagon of coils using  3 different tarps  to cover the load.And an empty wagon with 2 or 3 rolled up tarps in the coil wells and 1 coil restraint per side taken off with the other still in position.        



I used a piece of  16mm  electrical conduit cut to 4 ft long to represent the coils and glue in place ,before covering with the tarps which I cut at 15 ft x 20 ft then colored with different dilutions of Tamiya Field Gray XF-65 and Khaki Drab XF-51 plus a yellow which was an artist tube to represent a VR tarp. 

                     For the unloaded wagon the tarp supports need to be cut off just above the side where the pipe shape starts leaving the square base in place.Place the coil restraints in position and roll up you tarps , colour then add to the wagon.


Once again it only takes 1 hour per wagon to change these wagons from toy world to the real world.

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