Sunday, April 8, 2012


Found an interesting clip from 1977, which won the AFI Awards , Bronze award for best documentery in1979 for film maker Tim Woolmer .It must of been funded by the Experimental Film andTelevision Fund / State Rail Authority of New South Wales.Produced by Tim Woolmer.
There was part 1 on Youtube but this has been removed .
Does anyone know of any DVD,s of the entire doco that are available? The entire film runs for 15 minutes.

Things to look out for !

FMW Walkers Aberdeen Grain Fed Beef Wagons

A single EVC carriage from a Technical Education set .These carriages where made from the underframes of LHG,s and painted in Deep Cream with a Silver roof,before being painted into TAFE colours at a latter date.

Also the interesting comment that the Safety Officer was complaining about someone standing on a flat truck while the train was in motion.He must obviously be very selective in his concerns ,or everything else is just fine.

                                             SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE 70,S   MAN !

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