Saturday, August 4, 2012


Obviously located at the end of the Dubbo Coonamble branch is Coonamble with a population of approx 3000 its one of the larger centres on the branch line and also the terminating station.Opened in Feb 1903 and located 616.1 Kms from Sydney.
Its interesting to understand the Aborigonal meaning of Coonamble .One line of though says it means  "Bullocks Dung " or " A place covered with human excrement " They obviously have never heard of the tourism industry .( I dont make this stuff up it just falls into my lap )
Or from the local tourist guide " A lot of dirt " (Cleaned that up didnt they ) You can make your own mind up as to which one fits best !

                                                                    The end of the line


                                                              The yard diagram from 6-73

                                                             The working timetable

             The yard has been rationalized to leave only the basics for operation of the wheat loading facilities

                                                   The brick station building has been spared


                                         The remains of the fuel industry once served by rail

                   As you can see Coonamble should be on your list of interesting places to visit .
                                                     Just be careful where you step !

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