Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, following on from the last post we have some great internal shots courtesy of Graeme Henderson.
The tank in question is a lipped wrought iron tank 20,000 gallons (it actually calculates out at closer to 23,000 gallons)at Meranburn on the Parkes Orange line taken on 31-1-99.
This tank represents 1 of the 3 designs and capacities of this style of tank ,With other tanks of the same design built at Boppy Mountain , Brocklesby , Byron Bay ,Cobar , Corowa ,Forbes ,Lismore ,Milsons Point , Parkes and Springdale.

Interesting detail on the inside top lip and bottom reinforcing ring  attachment point to brickwork.
Also the what appears to be the bright orange colouring of the rusting wrought iron sheet .
This tank being the first series was not fitted with a scour drain.
The tank being round is basically self supporting with equal pressure exerted on all sides so no bracing is required apart from the top ring.
The tank design with a unsupported bottom except for the outside edge had to support some 100 ton of water plus tank when full.

 Graeme made a good point in that tanks where not always full depending on usage and pump capacities to replenish the supply.So you can model a tank any where from nearly empty to full.

Do we have any more takers for the inside the tank challenge.

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