Sunday, June 26, 2011


Having just acquired some foreign motive power .I thought it would be interesting to compair the difference's in what was the ultimate development of the steam locomotives in Victoria and New South Wales.
Having always assumed that the mighty 38 and 57 class was the biggest and best .Its a little embarrassing to find out that those damn Victorians had bigger ones than us in the form of the S Class and of coarse Heavy Harry.
The S Class originally built in 1928 had there tenders increased in size when they where converted to oil burners and streamlined and  this is the model I will use to compare.
 HH was designed as a passenger loco to haul the Overlander .Because the bridges and track on route where never strengthened it was relegated to freight haulage between Melbourne and Wodonga  so we should compare it to the 57 but this still doesn't help matters.

                                                      HH                    Streamline S                38                            57

Coal Cap                                   9 tons                    2,000gal oil             14 tons                  14 tons

Water Cap                               14,000 gal               12,600 gal               8,100 gal             9,000 gal

Weight                                     260 tons                   224 tons                 201 tons                228 tons

Grate Area                              68 ft2                        50 ft2                     47 ft2                     65 ft2

Cylinders                                  3                               3                            2                            3

Boiler Pressure                       220 lb                        200 lb                     245 lb                  200 lb

Tractive Effort                        55,000 lb                   41,670 lb                36,200 lb             64,327 lb

Length                                   92'5 3/4 ''                   85 '6 ''                     65'7''                    87'6''

Wheel Arrangment                4-8-4                         4-6-2                     4-6-2                  4-8-2               

No In Class                           1                                 4                              30                       25

In Service                              2/41                            52                           1/43                    9/29
Last In Service                     4/58                            9/54                        12/70                  3/62

Lbs Of  Tractive         
Effort Per Ton                      211.53                      186                     180                 282.13                    

                                            All Locos are lined up with cab roof overhangs level


                                                    Tender Footplates are level

                                       The S Class tender fudges in length a bit with a false back

                                                                       The pointy end

We can find some solice in the fact that the AD60 Garratt beat HH in weight bye 4 tons but which ever way you look at it  HH220 was a monster.But then again the 57 could beat it in tractive effort by 9,300 lbs with 20 lbs less boiler pressure and 32 tons less weight. Making the 57 the clear winner in the weight on rails for pulling effort which is what this design competition is really about.
But  if you consider a loaded Big Boy tender at 200 tons . The HH would probably would look like a shunter to the yanks.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding facts and figures and the judges decision is final


  1. The coal capacity for the H class looks a bit light doesn't it?


  2. Well thats what I thought to Ian but it seams that we have Correct weight on HH
    NSW must have had a different operation styles to the VR by wanting to carry more coal and less water.But I always thought NSW had a better quality coal meaning you would require less of it to boil the water.
    Im sure someone out there knows ?