Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just a quickie trip, and blog post with some shots of Casino with a yard crane erected in the old Freight Centre yard now used by the Track maintenance I think.
The sign says it was used for the Casino Bonalbo rail line construction and was relocated to this position by the Way and Works in 1930 and used since that date. (I think the sign might be a little out of date!)

Which looks just like a model one located on a friends layout and still available in kit form ?

And for all those who say that the romance has gone from trains,some lovely sunset shots of the Casino yard structures

The signal box where I spent some time before my cab ride on the Gold coast Motorail  to Murwillumbah and back on the day of the Newcastle earthquake.

The coal stage for the once busy Loco depot

The sand tower converted to use with grain ?

The water tank with no internal shot !

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