Friday, September 14, 2012


There are some interesting road over bridges in the northern tablelands area.Which carried the main road serving the Tablelands area which has now turned into the New England Highway over the Main Northern Railway line. These are very grand structures ,which for the time would of cost a lot to construct and one would think for the amount and type of vehicle traffic probably a little over the top when compared to the usual timber and or steel type seen along the rest of the line.
The 3 bridges illustrated may of been built all at the same time and to a similar design as part of a highway upgrade program ,as they wouldn't have been constructed to this standard when the line first went through,which was horse and buggy days.
Most are now disused being replaced by bigger and better bridges to handle the ever increasing axle loads and standards for the road transport industry.But one which serves Winters Road which now is only a dead end dirt road serving a few farms on the outskirts of Glen Innes is still in use .But of coarse the railway line beneath it is closed.
The bridge features a curved brick side wall on the left hand side of each end with a straight wall on the right hand side.
A bridge of the same design can also be found near Kapooka carrying the the Olympic Way over the main Southern line ,page 28 Byways 21

Another bridge of the same design which is a little further south between Stonehenge and Glencoe has during its life been upgraded to cater for increased traffic and road straightening ,by the removal of the side brick walls and a new wider concrete deck placed on top.With a slightly different centre line and angle to the original and pipe and wire side barriers .Which turned the bridge into a real dogs breakfast. The bridge has been replaced by a new structure.

The now disused bridge between Kootingal and Nemingha is the same basic design but very different .With the road surface being on a grade the bridge also has to rise to the northern end and this changes the curved angles on the ends and also the tapered returns near the tunnel mouth come in at approx 45 degrees  rather than 90 degress as in the other flat road bed variaties.Also the side brick walls have been replaced on one side by pipe and wire barriers ,probably to repair damaged brick work from an accident. While the other side is complete and original.The tunnel mouth profile is also different with higher longer vertical sections and a more squat and bigger diameter curved tunnel arch section.
This location with the 3 bridges built over time still in place shows the history of bridge design and also the nothing but the best attitude from the Main Roads Department.

Whats this got to do with me I hear you say.
Well when I did BOLIVIA I wanted the Winters Road style of bridge ,So I made one and had a mould made of it and plaster cast bridges made , one for me and some for you ! 

As you can see the model is a very large piece but when put into the layout it looses it size. The bridge has a fully bricked tunnel section and is one piece,a quick paint job and its ready to place.The plaster was painted with Floquil Poly S paint Light Tuscan Oxide Red allowed to dry ,then a very diluted white wash applied to the surface and lightly wiped off to leave the white mortar line before weathering.Once placed a dirt road surface or tarred road is required .

These bridges are only available from Gwydir Valley Models.Follow the link in the link section.If he  hasn't fixed his web page try the good old fashion phone 02 67 32 5711