Sunday, July 21, 2013


                                                                     PCX  12053

When down at the NSW Convention. I had the opportunity to check out the pilot model for the PCX wagons being produced by Joe. Which look very nice.
So on coming home a bit of a search uncovered the following pictures of the wagons that may help with some of the variations through their usage.

                                                 NPCF 12051H GRAFTON  1996

                                                   NPCF 12053C GRAFTON 20-2-00

                                            NPCF 12053C-12054L GRAFTON 20-2-00

                                                      NPCF 12054L GRAFTON 20-2-00


                                                  NPCF 12055U GRAFTON 20-2-00


                                        NPCF 12057 WEST TAMWORTH 6-9-87

                                This is one of my favorite shots .I remember thinking at the time to
                                get the Fielders Fresh Bread sign in the backround to make it a
                                historical shot.And its only taken 26 years for it to pay off !
                                The PCX code is still visible under the yellow signage.
                                But i didnt go around the other side for a picture .How lazy is that !
                                Or as Nick would say hard work pays off in the
                                future,Laziness pays off right now.

                                                    NPCF  12057 GRAFTON 20-2-00
                                                   With the yellow sign painted out

                                                NPCF 12058B  GRAFTON 1996

                                             NPCF 12058 GRAFTON 20-2-00


                                               NPCF 12060G  GRAFTON 1996

                                                NPCF 12060G  GRAFTON 20-2-00


                                            NPCF 12060G -12057 GRAFTON 20-2-00