Monday, June 8, 2015



Had some time on my hands .What with not going any where .Sounds like it might have worked out for the best anyway.
Sat night I finished the ballast up to the bridge approaches and retaining wall.And fixed up some gum trees.
Sunday night I put the dirt down from the rear of the bridge through to the front.
  So this afternoon I did the trees,bushes and roots .
And then staged some shots.Its a bit hard to get a shot that gives the same look and feel as in real life.And was a bit hard with all the trees ,but that's how I like my scenes to be obscured I guess.The bridge makes it hard too with the trusses being as high as a train ,so when you get down at ground level you cant see the train for the bridge.At least there's no telegraph poles in the road yet.
So I had to resort to some helicopter shots which i don't like at the best of times.
Shots 123 where taken with the trees removed for clarity.
So now I will be able to work on the approaches to MUNGINDI and the first thing the train goes past is the pub.