Monday, June 8, 2015



Had some time on my hands .What with not going any where .Sounds like it might have worked out for the best anyway.
Sat night I finished the ballast up to the bridge approaches and retaining wall.And fixed up some gum trees.
Sunday night I put the dirt down from the rear of the bridge through to the front.
  So this afternoon I did the trees,bushes and roots .
And then staged some shots.Its a bit hard to get a shot that gives the same look and feel as in real life.And was a bit hard with all the trees ,but that's how I like my scenes to be obscured I guess.The bridge makes it hard too with the trusses being as high as a train ,so when you get down at ground level you cant see the train for the bridge.At least there's no telegraph poles in the road yet.
So I had to resort to some helicopter shots which i don't like at the best of times.
Shots 123 where taken with the trees removed for clarity.
So now I will be able to work on the approaches to MUNGINDI and the first thing the train goes past is the pub.



  1. Rohan, very nice but the evenly spaced groups of two trees shows, odd numbers seem to look best. Chris and I missed you last weekend.

    Ray P

    1. Hi Ray,Chris
      I was hoping to catch up with you guys.
      Buy it was not to be .
      I will try to do something with the trees as you suggested.
      I will have to make some more gum trees first.
      And I think it needs the scrub to be built up under the gums too.
      The problem being I want to leave enough space for the telegraph line along side the bridge.
      Perhaps you could come up and show me what you mean ?

  2. Mate Those trees a wow, Lgreat talking or was that you just Listening to me talk haha,

    The Peeling bark really makes those Gums

    1. Ian
      Thank you for your kind words ?
      When you speak I have noticed that your brain does not have enough time to correlate all the information into a normal speech pattern.
      What I didn't realise was that this would also manifest itself when you attempted to type English.
      Please slow down and stick to the standard Oxford English version rather than the pigeon version.
      This may be acceptable in New Guinea but not round these parts
      Thanks again

  3. Yes - it is the same with these fat fingers. I think it and then believe my hands will be able to keep up. See, I can actually write a clear sentence that means something

    As to your photos(which is why I posted) they capture what I love of the Australian bush and is a credit to you.