Sunday, May 24, 2015


Have done a little more since last weekends post on top of up and back to Brisbane

Though I would show you the evolution of this scene.

Frame construction,with foam riser blocks and main foam sheets glued onto frame .
Frame sections are of the same size and construction as BOLIVIA ,With a 300mm rise from frame level to track bed for the ability to rise and fall scenery from track level.
Although not really needing 300mm of height for ASHFORD and MUNGINDI ,i did need it to be the same to marry up with the BOLIVIA sections.And fit into the trailer for transport.
Main boards where dropped down for creek scenes to save cutting away foam latter.
With backboards and section end and front boards glued on before taking to train room.
Saving time and the mess.

Sections bolted together in train room.
With teardrop section having the 300 pvc pipe for curve on end
Bridge in diorama in its intended position ,with the Railway Hotel positioned also at Mungindi

Bridge put in place,with main profile of river formed,trackbed in position and the problem of how to hide the river hitting the backboard glaringly obvious!
Note river banks get wider as they come towards the front of the layout to give depth to the scene.

The solution to the backboard problem ,in the form of a weir.
With main earth works done and some foliage.

The problem of how to get a decent gum tree has been overcome
With the detailing of a shop brought, available tree working a treat.
With only 2 trees I am just waiting on some more to finish the banks.

With the exposed roots and dry river of the drought affected west showing.
Left bank has roots in place awaiting trees.
I am tossing up weather to put some water in the low pools in the river.
If i do I will probably use some plaster with a green or brown painted top.


  1. Brilliant work, Rohan! Love the idea of the exposed roots... I'm quite inspired, never even thought of the idea myself.

  2. Rohan

    Lovely, those trees came up a treat, look great. Nice old concrete on the reservoir.

    Ray P