Sunday, July 26, 2015


Well its the first time Ive been up in the shed for a while.
So I had to dig out the foam board a bit to fit the height of the base board of the pub ,which has been planned to sit just above the road surface to show a gutter along the edge.And then cut some more foam for the track road bed level and road which goes over a level crossing at the pub.I want this to have a set of gates which close when a train approaches ,to liven the scene up a bit.
And I did some quick shots of the Pub for Mungindi before its put in place once and for all.
The pub is an epoxy Peter Ford kit ? which is just fantastic to say the least. It is based on Queensland building style with pine lining boards on the inside of the frame only which also become the exterior cladding on the protected walls, I have been hording this for years .And with Mungindi being a border town it couldn't have been better ,with some added extras including the kitchen skillion and outside shed , styrene kits from Toms Hobbies .The added refrigerated cool room is the back of a mini metals truck that i used the truck bit for my timber jinker.Signs are from Rails in Scale ? I thought i had a set of signs for an ACDC concert which I cant find at the moment to go on to. With the Railway Hotel and accomadation sign bits made up on the computer.And the palling fence and tank stand scale lumber pieces made up.As you can see extra Plumbing has been added to give  fully vented stack work.A header tank for the hot water system which is as you could tell is a gravity fully vented system . And unfortunately the Plumbers have not completed the 2 x 3,000 gal tanks for the tank stand out the back      ( probably run of there feet , poor bastards ) which is pumped from the river , with 1 tank for toilets and outside taps.And 1 for fresh water for all other fixtures pumped from an underground tank that catches rain water of the roof .When and if it rains.



  1. Rohan

    I thought the first photo was a real pub that you had modelled!

    Lovely work, makes me want to get back to the one I started years ago.

    I showed Chris and she said "Oh, magnificent!".

    Ray P

    1. I thought it was a picture of what you wanted to model. Once I scrolled down a few more pictures I thought... hmmm where are the people. Then I realised my error. Amazing modelling.

  2. Brilliant! It was only when I saw the edge of the footpath in the first pic, I realised it was a model..... amazing!

  3. what No Beer Garden !!, wont be stopping in there for a coldie! :-)
    Nice job roh, looks real!