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I have been attending the meetings at Bloggers Anonymous or BA as we call it,one a regular basis.It turned out to be BS.
As apposed to AA meetings which sound like a great way to meet like minded individuals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Its been 14 months since I last Blogged,and although the therapy was good ?
Well when I say therapy,it consisted of electrodes attached to ones genitals and every time they showed you a picture of a train a small electric charge was administered along with a smack over the back of the head with a fence palling. 
Well I have busted out.!
BOLIVIA did attend the EPPING MODEL RAILWAY clubs exhibition back in June.
Which was a nice day out for all concerned.
Peter Sanderson came from Brisbane to help with train dispatch work as did Dale Richards from Canberra who was quite happy to be the fat controller all weekend.
Although the team is very widely spread when needed we can all pull together and come as one.

On of the highlights for me was the running of the WIRTHS CIRCUS TRAIN on BOLIVIA
Peter Sanderson constructed all the wagons .And although they dont get to see the light of day very often they are fantastic.
Or Maybe its just me ,as not to many people commented on the train.
But the best way to see is the 2 videos below
The train was run in 2 divisions as per normal operation on the NSWGR at the time .
 Remember this train travelled the state regularly from town to town.With everything needed to put on a show.

                                                                   The 1st division

                                                                    The 2nd division 

It was also decided at the BOLIVIA meeting to change the header picture every time a new Blog is posted .
As apposed to the change at New Years ,which was obviously missed last time.With a  description under the picture.

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