Sunday, March 1, 2015


There has been some action over the last 2 Sundays on the new bits.Which haven't really changed much in a long time.
But with the collection  of some appropriate soil to provide the transition from Mungindi black soil to Ashford style dirt.I decided that some scenery was in order.And might i say the transformation in such a short space of time is very exciting indeed.
Just got the basics at this stage but some baby photos are in order.

                                            Double 44's do the honours crossing the road
                                                 entrance to the Ashford silo complex.

                                                          Moving across Gill Gill Creek


                                              Once across the watercoarse a small cutting .


                             On the inside of the curve cattle struggle through the drought conditions
                               And on the other side a ploughed paddock awaits the rains

                                           And of course the trains heading from Mungindi to Ashford

 For some before pics

                                NOT AN ARMY TRAIN IN SIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!

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