Sunday, May 1, 2016



Having received my set of No 1  INDIAN PACIFIC cars from TRAINBUILDER of Melbourne .

A close inspection was required over the weekend.The cars are fantastic.I must confess I'm no expert on these cars as I haven't seen them much,except for a few times at Central.

The cars where available in 5 different eras or styles

No 2 Railways of Australia 1980,s
No 3 INDIAN PACIFIC Eagle signs 1990,s
No 4 set as carriages that visited Melbourne in 1995 for standard gauge promotion
No 5 The GHAN Sunset colour scheme 1990,s

Each set comprises of
Additional cars of ARL-ARJ-BRJ are available


They come fitted with short shank Kadee,s for display purposes ,with additional longer shanks .Which I fitted on each door end of the cars. This allows enough space to operate around my 36" curves without any problems.The cars do not come  fitted with interiors to save on weight and expense.But do have an etch Venetian blind to each window ,which are also fitted at different heights through out the cars.

The overall finish is a very good representation of the stainless Steel finish .The detail and fluting certainly is a big difference to the Lima cars we all have.

The power car is a stand out with all its roof detail and name board bringing up the rear of the train.
                     It would seem that the entire production run was sold out before their arrival .

                                        So I thought I would share this with you in video form