Sunday, December 26, 2010


Progress is being made with most decisions on placement of bridges,stations and silos being made with a few changes happening from mind to reality.

An extra bridge was added on the end tear drop section which is the transition section from Ashford to Mungindi Station areas. This is based on the Gil Gil Creek crossing at Garah on the Mungindi- Moree line. With three different pier styles and refuges it makes for an interesting long, low trestle.

The Frazer's Creek crossing at Ashford is taking shape with a very rocky crossing, leading up between the canyon walls to a tunnel entrance. I haven't decided on the rock type yet, but granite might be the winner. I think I can do granite :>)

The other main bridge on the opposite end of Mungindi on the yet unnamed river is now positioned, but needs new piers which is the next project.

The Barwon River bridge crossing for the entrance to Mungindi is in place.

More later

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  1. Rohan'
    Is your blog title "Boliva" or 'Bolivia'?
    You can see better with two 'eyes'
    Nice work so far