Monday, January 3, 2011


There has been some progress with track laying on the main line.From the A depot around to the Barwon River bridge all up about 6 mtrs.So while this is under control I thought I would show you the new signalling and safe working arrangements put in place on the Bolivia section.
Designed , built and installed by the McKenzie Group it has brought with it the realization that if you don't use this system to operate trains you really are just playing trains.
As with the real thing all train movements are controlled from the main lever frame and ground frames which are fully interlocked,meaning that points and signals can only be changed in the proper sequence to maintain block protection and train safety.

Bolivia yard diagram and pull list.

The main lever frame is a NSW N pattern frame.which as shown is pulled for use of ground frame C to shunt the fuel siding.

Ground frame C.

48131 shunts the fuel siding.

The light indicators for ground frames and signals.And the up distant indicator showing that the up distant signal is at caution.

The up distant at caution.As the up home signal is at stop.

The main frame showing the lever cams and tappets.
And ground frame D for shunting the AFL siding.


The actual brains of the machine, the locking bed.

So as for many years I didn't know any thing about signalling and safe working.Now I have it,although still very much learning I cant imagine running a layout without it.
The 2 new stations will be fully interlocked also with some form of staff instrument at each station. 

Watch for a new posting from Dale Richards on the McKenzie Group site with a comprehensive explanation of NSWGR Mechanical Signalling.

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  1. Great post Boliva, I hope the McKenzine Group's site has enough bandwidth for a "comprehensive explanation of NSWGR Mechanical Signalling".