Sunday, April 21, 2013


Just happened to be in the right place at the right time .And managed to capture a Military Special on its way through the BOLIVIA country side.First across Sunnyside Bridge then a bit of a scramble to one of the embankments around the curves under Bluff Rock.And a double whammy, being lucky enough to capture
one of the leased SAR 830,s in this ALCO triple header.
Elements of the Armoured Infantry as well as the Engineers have there vehicles on board with there final destination the transshipping sidings of Wallangarra for reloading onto the narrow gauge QR system and further travel to take part in Exercises  being held in the far northern inland areas of Queensland.
If I'm lucky enough i might catch them again on their return journey !

For anyone who has DCC Sound equipped Locos and has become accustom to this. I must apologize profusely for the lack of sound.Best i can suggest is for you to make the appropriate noises in your mind and touch your horn at a suitable time.
Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


  1. Great stuff.

    One query if I may? The shields on the M113's were a field mod in the mid-1960's in Vietnam and I think they may have been phased out by the turrets by the time the ASV's were built.

    With respect


  2. Thanks for the query Iain.It shows someones paying attention.
    I dont mind questions as what i dont know i can always make up !

    The gun shields in question are fitted to the first wagonload which are M125A1 Mortars,which always had the shields in place.
    And the 7 wagon has a M113 Fitters which also had the shields through out their life.

  3. Operation – NSWGR - From Railway Digest 1964
    Moved 17 Centurions.,…
    From Seymour (Vic) to Clapham (Qld) via Albury, Cootamundra, Forbes, Narromine, Dubbo, Merrygoen, Binnaway, Werris Creek, Telarah Triangle, Casino, Clapham, arriving Thurs 13/2/64. Strarted Sunday 9/2/64.

    Train: SHG, FS, MLV, 6 TE, 11 BME, equal to 1265 tons.
    Mainline diesel (multiple) to Coora, assisted by 48 class from Wagga to Junee, double 48 or 49 were used Coota to Werris Creek, then double 44/45 Werris Creek to Clapham, assisted by a 48 in lead from Willow Tree to Murrurundi.
    cheers nick

    1. Thanks Nick
      I had found that one, but no others .