Sunday, April 7, 2013


Well you know when you have been working on something that seems like forever and it eventually all comes together.
It happened this weekend.Through the week the castings for the BME , BEX wagon arrived .And as i have been working on this model for a long time and really needing it to finish an article., I put a couple together .
I couldn't control myself .
Although the tie rails were a bit fiddly,the rest was dead easy.Being only 2 parts the deck and underframe and with all the underfloor detail hidden by the large outside side sill frame .It only needs a few levers and steps to finish it.
The decals haven't been done,or  the original deck style yet .But as the first model master made by me it came out really well.
And if I didn't tell someone id probably explode.!

So what would do you do with a BEX i hear you say.You put a Leopard on it of course.
Or a Centurion if you had a decent one .

More about all this latter !


  1. Looks like a cupla of TE's, a BEX and a good tie down to me.

  2. Bolivia that wagon looks mouth wateringly beautiful.